Effective Communication

In our everyday lives, from how we talk with family members to how interact with business clients, effective communication is essential to understand and to be understood. If we can’t communicate effectively, there could be misunderstandings, breaking of trust, and other negative outcomes that will hinder us from communicating our message or receiving a one.

Three of the most common methods of communication today are email/text, phone, or in person. While the words may be the same in each of these types of communications, the message received can be drastically different. Let’s break down effective communication into 3 components and see how they relate to these common methods of communication.

  • Words make up only 8% of the total communication. Therefore, communication by email and text loses 92% of its effectiveness. This means text messages and email have a greater chance of being misunderstood or not received as intended, and usually requires follow ups in order to be effective.
  • Tone & Inflection makes up 37% of the total communication. The way you say something can be more important than what you are actually saying. Tone & Inflection let the recipient of the communication better understand your intentions and attitude, making the words you are communicating received more effectively. This is why a phone call is generally a better way of communication than just an email.
  • Body & Facial Language makes up 55% of the total communication. When you meet someone face to face, shake their hand, and then sit in the same room as them to discuss something, you are creating a positive impression that will affect the entire communication. From there, your body language throughout the face to face meeting can reinforce the message you are communicating.

Overall, the only way to possibly have 100% effective communication is to meet face to face with who you are trying to communicate with. All other communication options are going to have some loss of effectiveness. There are times where emails and phone calls are the most appropriate options, but whenever possible, face to face communication should be used.

What we have discovered here at Sharkmatic is the our conversion rates are much higher when we have face to face meetings with our prospective clients. Being able to intentionally communicate with 100% effectiveness is critical for us to build initial trust with our clients as well as show them how we can improve their business’ effectiveness.


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