Increase Website Visitors Through Web Listings!

When people search for a business, product, or service on the internet, they want the most relevant results as quickly as possible. Search engines thrive on serving up accurate searches, and there are a variety of factors the affect search results. One of these factors that search engines are keen to index are web listings.

What is a Web Listing?
Let’s look at an example. You just opened your new restaurant, and you want people to start leaving you reviews and feedback, so you create an account on and set up your business information on that account. This is a web listing. Web listing services literally list your business information on the web for people to find and for search engines to index. Search engines like web listings because it gives them an even more complete picture of your business than just a website alone. The search engines can see the activity, reviews, and business information these web listings contain. More to the point, the search engines are specifically looking for consistent business information across all of the web listing services. That means matching business names, addresses, phone numbers, descriptions, etc. Web listings also contain reciprocal links to your website, which search engines index favorably. It is important to have multiple web listings set up, but it is equally important to have them consistent with one another.

This is easy, I can do this myself!
Sure, it is possible to manage all of your web listings by yourself. Web listings are not particularly difficult to set up. The main resource that web listings consume is time. Setting up business information in 20 to 50 listing services, uploading relevant images, verifying the business across all of the services, managing the listing consistency, checking the analytics, and keeping track of account information for each service eats up a lot of time. All of this can be overwhelming when you are also trying to run the day-to-day of your business. Setting up listings is probably not the highest payoff activity for you; you have a business to run after all. That’s where Sharkmatic comes in. We will manage and maintain all of the listings for you, as we do for dozens of our clients. We have developed systems that help us manage your entire listing portfolio, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Let Sharkmatic focus on making you visible on the web, that way you can focus on the passion that is your business!