Make Facebook Work For You!

Most people know Facebook as a way to keep up with what their friends are doing and share what they themselves are up to. It also allows them to follow and share their favorite things. Facebook is an on-the-go network of constant communication between people. But what can Facebook do for your business? Well, in a nutshell, having a Facebook page for your business allows you to tap into this constant communication. Using it effectively, it can catapult you in search rankings & outreach, as well as provide a way to interact with your customers. There are 3 main points to consider when creating a Facebook page for you business to ensure that you maximize its effectiveness.

Brand Visibility
Having a Facebook page for your business helps to bolster your existing web presence. Creating posts about what is going on in your business or what people are doing in your helps to make it seem more personal to the client. They are getting to see what you are all about before ever stepping through your door, and first impressions are the most important, even if they happen on the web! Additionally, creating and maintaining a Facebook page has SEO benefits as well. Facebook pages some up in search results and can be optimized for certain searches. Your Facebook page could then direct users back to you website, where they will be able to get any information about your business they are looking for. This boost’s traffic to your website, and links back to you website help lift your site in search rankings. Google favorably indexes websites that are associated with Facebook pages.

Special Events
If you are having a special event, attending a convention, going to a trade show, or doing any other activity that you want your customers to know about and/or be a part of, creating a Facebook event is a must. As users see the event, they will be able to select whether they will be attending or not, and will be notified when the event approaches.. You can track the statistics of this to determine how interested your customers are in a certain event. Facebook events also allow you to efficiently present all of the important information about your event, such as date, time, and location, to your customers. Facebook events can also be sent out to many people at once based on a set of criteria, allowing to to extend your outreach even further than those who just Like the page.

Customer Interaction
Interacting with your customers is incredibly important in building brand trust and brand recognition. Being able to respond to questions on the Facebook page at any time and being able to share what’s going on at your business at will are very effective in creating and maintaining interest in your business. One of the most effective strategies we have implemented at Sharkmatic is to create Facebook Contests for our clients. For these contests, the potential customer must do something in order to participate. For example, you could do a raffle for a product or service your company offers, and people who like the page over the course of a month are automatically entered. This will make people excited about liking the page, and as they like it, their friends will see that they liked it and will want to participate as well. You can drastically increase the amount of Likes your page has be creating effective contests. As you accumulate likes, your outreach will expand. Contests, just like any post, can be Boosted as well to increase the potential outreach.

Having a Facebook page for your business is very important in today’s information-driven world. I can supplement your website and drive even more business to you. Here at Sharkmatic, we are experts on Facebook marketing. Ask about how we can help design the optimized graphics for your Facebook page, create and post promotional Facebook events, and build out your Facebook contest campaigns!