Nifty Google Tools For Your Site! – By Aimee Skillin

I recently went to a seminar and learned all about these little tools that will give you feedback on your website.  I consider myself a Google nerd, really. I love everything Google and just when I begin to think that I have a good handle on it, WHAM!!  There’s so much more to learn.

I hope you find these tools helpful:

  • Your online presence is crucial and must be friendly on any device.  Go to to see if your site is mobile friendly.
  • Google has a Page Speeds Insight.  This scores your site on how fast it’s loading when the user is on it.   Idealy you want to score 100, but that’s not realistic.  But the closer you are to 100, the better speed your site has when loading.  The other cool thing about this site it they will tell you what you need to fix in order to up the loading speed.
  • Think with Google: Google’s marketing blog. You can find trends, case studies and helps identify the market.  Great resource!
  • Blog posts: Google Trends is a great place to find current information and trending topics.  You can customize in the search terms to your business or industry.  Have a look, find something that interests you and write a blog post.  See, that was simple!
  • Are you a developer? Google has tool for you too!  Check out  There is all kinds of info here, support, blogs, guides and videos.
  • The Google webmasters also have a YouTube channel.  You can find videos on pretty much anything, but they have a 6 part series that talks about how to “Bring local business online.  Here is the link:

Some of the things you want to pay special attention to on your site are:

  1. Is your contact information current?
  2. Do you have an FAQ page and are the questions and answers still valid?  Have any of your policies changed or how about your products?  Double check this regularly.
  3. Do you have a CTA (Call To Action)?
  4. Is your site optimized?  And just FYI on this, Google has over 200 algorithms to understand a query.  So what this means is use words on your site that you speak, not write.  And please mind your spelling and grammar.  If the user can’t spell, don’t worry, Google can figure it out and get the user where they need to go.
  5. A link to your Social Channels.   

Happy Googling!  I hope you find these tools to be helpful in making your site run smoother.  

Aimee Skillin is the owner and founder of Social Media Languages.  She is a certified Social Media Manager and Google Apps for Work Specialist. Aimee’s passion is teaching and coaching others. She created, wrote and developed “Become a Business Creative” a curriculum that marries Social Media and Google tools to help you rock your business and showcase your creativity and Social Media skills.  Aimee primarily works with cosmetologists, hair stylists and beauticians, but her program can be tailored to any Industry. Aimee is also a public speaker and available for any of your engagements.  Find Aimee at or

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