Sharkmatic offers technical services that put more eyeballs on your website. More traffic, means more business. We help you thrive in a hyper-competitive world.

Successful websites require critical services like search engine optimization, responsive web hosting, domain registration, secure certificates and consistent site maintenance. Sharkmatic works to make your website a popular and reliable online destination.   

Digital and print design are just the tip of the iceberg. Your company should sound as great as it looks. We’ve got you covered through marketing consulting, strategy, non-profit involvement, advertising planning and Spanish translations.

We can also enhance your company’s tone and attitude through a full suite of copywriting services including tagline and slogan creation.

Get excited, we certainly are.

Search Engine Optimization

Let us help you get your site found organically on Google and other search engines without spending a ton of money on ad words.
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Howie is a marketing guru. He has worked with over 1,500 clients over the past 20 years. Some of those he’s worked with include Proctor & Gamble, Coca Cola, Eye Masters, Chrysler, MTV, ABC, The Alma Awards, NCLR, Viacom and DuPont. Additionally, he has provided consulting for general market and Hispanic advertising agencies, political campaigns, non-profit organizations and U.S. government offices.
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How you convey your message is often as important as how professional your brand looks. We’d like to brainstorm with you to craft your ideal message to the world.
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Spanish Translations

With much of Latin America moving to the U.S. and specifically Texas, it may behoove you to convey your message in Español. We can help you there.
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Website Maintenance

We keep hundreds of websites up-to-date on a monthly basis at a very reasonable cost, letting clients continue to do what they do best – run a successful enterprise.
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Domain Registration

Why bother with the details. Let us provide you with a turnkey solution. From private domain registrations that you own to website execution, we know what to do to help you succeed online.
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Website Hosting

Hosting a site can be tricky, what type of server and what software to run on it. We host hundreds of sites and can provide you with traffic statistics to keep you informed of your analytics.
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Non-Profit Involvement

Our community is our family. We devote a portion of our resources to community projects. We work to inspire those around us to contribute to the greater good.
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Marketing Plans

From research, target analysis, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats), collateral, the 4 P’s of marketing mix (Product, Price Promotion & Place), advertising and everything in between, we can be your marketing experts.
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