Why Should A Business Have A Blog?

Countless numbers of blogs exist, ranging from blogs about food and movies to blogs about IT and finance. Many, if not most, of these blogs are run by individuals passionate about a topic. But why should a business have a blog?

For starters, it is an easily accessible way to reach out and connect people with your brand and culture. The blog allows you to communicate the personality and environment of your business. It also helps make your business’ web presence more personable. Sharkmatic will be posting some behind-the-scenes content of what goes on at the office. We will also be posting about how we drive measurable results for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of one way we drive results. It’s one of the most important aspects of website marketing and, if executed correctly, will contribute to establishing a dominant web presence. Google and other search engines like to see new content being added periodically to websites. Search engines will “reward” these content-rich sites by indexing them higher in search results than competing sites with stagnant or “old” content. Blogging helps create a regular and scheduled flow of new content to be indexed, which in turn, helps improve search engine ranking. It is also worth mentioning that blogging allows for opportunities to place keywords and key-phrases, such as ‘GPS Tracking San Antonio’ into content that is then indexed by search engines (incidentally, try searching “GPS Tracking San Antonio” in Google and you’ll find Sharkmatic client Efficient Fleets on the first page of search results).

Overall, setting up and maintaining a blog is a win with potential and existing customers and a win with search engines. Based on all of this, a better question might be: why shouldn’t a business have a blog?