Write It Down!

Do you remember the time you got back home from grocery shopping, only to find you forgot the one item you went to get in the first place? What about the time when you dropped the ball on a major project because you forgot a few “minor” details? Or how about the 100+ times you’ve had to click a “Forgot Password” button, because you did just that? All of these situations have a simple solution in common; one in fact that is as simple as the problem itself. In all of the situations presented, writing down the most important things for you to remember would have prevented you from forgetting them.

This may seem obvious. Of course writing your thoughts down, creating a personal to do list, and keeping a log of your passwords helps you stay organized and prevent the above situations from occurring. The problem is that if we are not in a habit of writing things down, we won’t be doing it consistently. But wait, the action of writing things down also has these additional benefits:

Writing Crystallizes Thought – When you write something down, your brain is able to retain and process the thought with more clarity. This will improve your overall productivity by allowing you to think clearly.

Your Brain Will Be Less Cluttered – Our brains process and store an enormous amount of information each day. Writing out your most important thoughts, effectively allows you to focus on one thing at a time instead of thinking about everything you need to get done.

You Will Have A Written Log – At Sharkmatic, we use cloud-based project management software to keep track of all of our projects. We have learned that when we write out our projects, we are able to prioritize better.

As much as we’d love to believe our minds are vacuum sealed vessels for thought, the reality is quite the opposite. Attempting to retain all the information you receive on a daily basis, is like holding a handful of sand. You may keep most of it, but some will slip through the cracks and be forgotten.